We’re dedicated to leaving the world cleaner than we found it

CORÓH® Systems aim to change the world by solving water quality issues faced internationally. CORÓH® brings to the United States large-scale wastewater purification systems that utilize natural processes to clean wastewater through a non-centralized multi-stage bio filtration system. CORÓH®’s Decentralized purification facilities can operate independently or improve the efficiency of existing wastewater management systems.

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The CORÓH®  system was first conceptualized in the 1980’s by Carlos Laucevicius, as a natural solution to wastewater issues faced in the local community.  With the completion of the first CORÓH® system in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1993, proving more effective than anticipated, a new age in wastewater treatment was born. Since that first system, we have built and implemented over 300 purification systems in 11 different countries changing the trajectory for wastewater treatment.  Over the past 20 years, CORÓH® systems has cleaned over 500 billion (500,000,000,000) gallons of water.

The CORÓH®  System is a sustainable, green infrastructure solution to issues faced by conventional wastewater treatment systems, from individual residences to large municipalities. Conventional wastewater treatment systems are costly to operate and damaging to public health as well as the environment. Our system uses biotechnology in harmony with processes found in nature to break down nutrients, contaminants, and toxins in wastewater so they can be safely released back into local waterways without negatively impacting local plant and wildlife. Each system is engineered to meet the exact specifications and needs of the consumer and is adaptable to multiple applications. Unlike conventional wastewater treatment systems, CORÓH® is adapted to its settings, not the other way around.

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We believe that the CORÓH® system has the power to change the world and we’re dedicated to doing just that!

- Tony Laucevicius

CORÓH® Systems

  • Latin America Verde Awards (2017 & 2018) 
  • Palma de Oro from the Panama Commercial Chamber (2017) 
  • MIT’s Innovators Under 35 (2016) 
  • Business Innovation Award – SENACYT (2015 & 2012) 
  • SENACYT Business Innovation Program 
  • Clean Development Mechanism Technology Innovation Award (2011) 
  • Fomento I+D SENACYT (2010) 
  • Fondo FOMOTEC: Incentive to Productive (2000) 
  • PROCOM – MICI (2013) 

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